Welcome to my maiden voyage to bloggerville! I must admit, I’ve resisted this trend. But after encouragement from my daughter,  friends and clients I’m gonna push away from the dock and float out into the sea of blogs!

Why have I resisted for so long? Blogging is common for photographers, and many say “necessary”. And I do enjoy writing–my goodness, I have a journalism degree! Well here’s the bottom line to my resistance. Prepare yourself for my first, big revealing secret!

Those who know me well would tell you–I’m pretty direct. Okay mark through “pretty” and put “very”. Maybe it was the news reporting classes but I pretty much cut to the chase. Just the facts, Ma’am. Sometimes I’d like to change that about me. So the secret is that I’ve been afraid I couldn’t be “ooey gooey” enough, ya know? I wasn’t that girl in high school who dotted her i’s with a heart–or even a cute circle. Oh, I can get “flowery” but when I do it’s coming from pretty deep inside.

So if you would do me the honor of reading my blog occasionally I want to make some promises to YOU.

  1. I will try my best to be consistent (that’s the scariest one!).
  2. Besides wanting to showcase my work and wonderful clients, I want to offer photography tips and advice for documenting your own family memories at home. (like tips on photographing your children, display ideas, etc.)
  3. The words I write here will be sincere.
  4. I will offer occasional incentives and specials to help make custom photography more affordable for my blog readers.
  5. I apologize ahead of time for any grammatical errors I make, because I know there will be some even though the thought of it drives me absolutely crazy! But I will at least promise to use “there”, “their” and “they’re” correctly:)

Okay! So here we go! This IS a photography blog, right? I hope this image of sweet Lyla will put a smile on your face! How could it not?