I guess it was about 15 years ago. I had gotten my oldest off to school and had parked my preschooler in front of cartoons (GASP!) so I could get ready for the day. I decided to take a look downstairs to make sure all was well, and I saw two little heads instead of one. It was little Erin from next door. She had walked over in her pajamas without her momma knowing, and Tucker had unlocked the front door, let her in, and locked it back. She was snuggled up by him on the couch quiet as a mouse like nothing was out of order. Between the two of them they took up about half a cushion. I can’t remember if she had her “this and that” with her which was a pacifier and a hair roller (yes, a roller from a set of electric curlers). I do remember the sweet little smile looking up at me. 

Well, the baby of the five little stairsteps between our houses has graduated! And another thing—that little tiny girl became the tallest of the bunch!  A lot of fun was had among them and many others in the neighborhood—and many times at Erin’s expense. She was tossed around like a rag doll in all their shows and productions.  There are so many great “Erin” stories!

I look across the street from my window and see the new neighbor children who have recently moved in, and I realize that I know a secret their parents don’t know yet—the brevity of childhood.  But today I will celebrate the beautiful (with a capital B!), Christian woman Erin has become! So proud of you , Erin!

Tucker (in Buzz Lightyear pj's), Emily, Lexie, Ellen and Erin dressed up for a production.