August 02, 2012

The memories just flood into my mind as I think of all the fun times my family has had with this young man. I could write forever. From front yard ball games and fierce competition in the swimming pool to the homespun plays and videos produced, and the many trips and sleepovers.  I could tell some good stories—but then he would hunt me down! Let’s just say he may or may not have been dressed up in tutus by some girls and had some lipstick applied—but that was a long time ago! Here are some interesting and great things about Trace:

He’s a diehard Hog fan.

He’s really good with directions. (Sounds kind of random, but it’s true!)

He’s the voice of reason.

He has a heart for people and an even bigger heart for kids.

He knows who he is.

He wants to make a difference—and has.

He’s a good brother to his own and several others.

We will miss you Trace! May God bless you beyond your wildest expectations, and may He use you to bless this world beyond our wildest expectations!