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September 17, 2012

In the midst of a crazy Senior season I wanted to take a break and share some non-senior sessions! This young lady could pass for a senior, but she’s far from being one. Emily trusted the The Cosmetic Studio (find them on Facebook) to do her makeup for the shoot.  When making an investment in portraits, having your makeup applied by a professional could be a wise decision! In these images Emily’s makeup enhances her beautiful eyes and skin while still being totally appropriate for her age. I enjoyed so much getting to know this sweet girl. As we visited I learned that her daddy is deployed right now in Afghanistan with the 188th  Fighter Wing of the Arkansas Air National Guard in Fort Smith—the same unit my brother  was with until recently. I really hope Emily’s dad has the opportunity to see these images of his precious daughter and pray he is home with her very soon!


Well, her things are packed and she will soon be on her way! We met her when she was a snaggle toothed little girl and have watched her become a beautiful young woman. What a joy that has been, and what a joy it will be to see the wonderful things God has planned for her!  Why do I feel as if Ouachita Baptist University will never be the same after she arrives on campus? We love you, Morgan!

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

e.e. cummings

Here's the second post in our Parade of 2012 Seniors!



It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

e.e. cummings

The Senior 2013 season has begun!! Call now to discuss your vision for your senior images and schedule your session. There is one more spot open for senior pictures at the beach June 27-July 11! Contact Kimberly for more information! Enjoy this parade of 2012 Seniors. More to follow!!










I guess it was about 15 years ago. I had gotten my oldest off to school and had parked my preschooler in front of cartoons (GASP!) so I could get ready for the day. I decided to take a look downstairs to make sure all was well, and I saw two little heads instead of one. It was little Erin from next door. She had walked over in her pajamas without her momma knowing, and Tucker had unlocked the front door, let her in, and locked it back. She was snuggled up by him on the couch quiet as a mouse like nothing was out of order. Between the two of them they took up about half a cushion. I can’t remember if she had her “this and that” with her which was a pacifier and a hair roller (yes, a roller from a set of electric curlers). I do remember the sweet little smile looking up at me. 

Well, the baby of the five little stairsteps between our houses has graduated! And another thing—that little tiny girl became the tallest of the bunch!  A lot of fun was had among them and many others in the neighborhood—and many times at Erin’s expense. She was tossed around like a rag doll in all their shows and productions.  There are so many great “Erin” stories!

I look across the street from my window and see the new neighbor children who have recently moved in, and I realize that I know a secret their parents don’t know yet—the brevity of childhood.  But today I will celebrate the beautiful (with a capital B!), Christian woman Erin has become! So proud of you , Erin!

Tucker (in Buzz Lightyear pj's), Emily, Lexie, Ellen and Erin dressed up for a production.


Welcome to my maiden voyage to bloggerville! I must admit, I’ve resisted this trend. But after encouragement from my daughter,  friends and clients I’m gonna push away from the dock and float out into the sea of blogs!

Why have I resisted for so long? Blogging is common for photographers, and many say “necessary”. And I do enjoy writing–my goodness, I have a journalism degree! Well here’s the bottom line to my resistance. Prepare yourself for my first, big revealing secret!

Those who know me well would tell you–I’m pretty direct. Okay mark through “pretty” and put “very”. Maybe it was the news reporting classes but I pretty much cut to the chase. Just the facts, Ma’am. Sometimes I’d like to change that about me. So the secret is that I’ve been afraid I couldn’t be “ooey gooey” enough, ya know? I wasn’t that girl in high school who dotted her i’s with a heart–or even a cute circle. Oh, I can get “flowery” but when I do it’s coming from pretty deep inside.

So if you would do me the honor of reading my blog occasionally I want to make some promises to YOU.

  1. I will try my best to be consistent (that’s the scariest one!).
  2. Besides wanting to showcase my work and wonderful clients, I want to offer photography tips and advice for documenting your own family memories at home. (like tips on photographing your children, display ideas, etc.)
  3. The words I write here will be sincere.
  4. I will offer occasional incentives and specials to help make custom photography more affordable for my blog readers.
  5. I apologize ahead of time for any grammatical errors I make, because I know there will be some even though the thought of it drives me absolutely crazy! But I will at least promise to use “there”, “their” and “they’re” correctly:)

Okay! So here we go! This IS a photography blog, right? I hope this image of sweet Lyla will put a smile on your face! How could it not?